Di Bennett

Di has always been a passionate horse lover and takes great pride and enjoyment in providing the best care possible for all their horses.

Raised on a cattle and sheep property near Keilira SA, working and understanding horses and stock just comes naturally. Di has fond memories of the Kingston Pony club, One Day eventing, hunting and her beloved Anglo Arab gelding ‘Pablo’, being her first very own horse and best mate. Grandfather William French was a great source of knowledge and entertainment with his various horse ‘projects’ which involved horses from all backgrounds suddenly appearing on their farm. In earlier years he had his own six draught horse team that also worked on the banks of the River Murray near Mypolonga. He was often given rogue horses to train as he was well known and admired for his ‘gentle’ horse handling skills. Di remembers a photo of him standing strongly with a large horse resting its front legs over his arms! His mother Jane Rowett was also a keen horse woman with her family involved in pioneering the very popular Marrabel Rodeo which is still held annually in SA.

Di is a Registered Nurse working in Community Health and takes equine health and wellbeing just as seriously. Researching and keeping up to date records of animal husbandry and breeding details is also very important to her. Daily monitoring and interaction keeps her very close to all their animals, especially their ‘equine’ mothers and babes. Some-times she wishes this bond wasn’t as strong as they become part of the family, making the ‘fare-wells’ quite heartfelt as they go off to trainers or new owners. Di enjoys horse handling, riding and loping but now leaves the competing up to Pete and the trainers. With adult sons Nathan and Aaron and 5 grandchildren life is full and definitely a balancing trick.